The first step toward plotting film or digital proofs is to create a postscript file containing all fonts, linked graphics, and high-resolution images. Graphic Color is pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to save the charges associated with this step by providing to us "printer postscript" files. Fonts and placed images are included in printer postscript files so you don't have to worry about collecting all the fonts and files associated with your document. Printer postscript is application and platform independent so you will not have to worry about application version or platform used. Graphic Color will provide instructions and Postscript Printer Description (PPD) files so that you can write printer postscript.

For customers that wish to provide to Graphic Color application native documents we continue to offer professional "Postscript File Preparation". Postscript file preparation covers all the preparatory steps leading up to and including writing to disk the printer postscript file.

Postscript file preparation fees are per page with a per file minimum. For example the postscript file preparation fee for a one to five page single color Macintosh file will be $5.00.

Graphic Color can produce color separations from customer provided electronic files with an image area up to 32.5" x 43.5". We have five film plotters - a Scitex Dolev 200 for film up to 14" x 19", two Scitex RayStars for film up to 18" x 24", a Crosfield 646 Expose unit for film up to 30" x 40" and a Scitex Dolev 800 for film up to 32.5" x 43.5".

On the Dolev 200 and 800 we offer in addition to standard dot patterns Scitex Class Screening. On the Dolev 800 we have an additional product called Turbo Screen. Scitex Class Screening includes GeometricDOT "for the elimination of rosettes and Y-moire", FULLtone (stochastic) "for the elimination of rosettes and Y-moire plus the appearance of continuous tone", and HDP "for the elimination of rosettes and Y-moire plus excellent sharpness detail and skin tones". Turbo Screen creates very smooth tints and gradations with no visible banding on the film or printed product.

We overprint black unless otherwise requested!

Film prices are based on customer provided printer postscript. Native application files are subject to a "postscript file preparation" fee.

Graphic Color offers high resolution scanning on our Scitex Smartscan 342L and Crosfield 646 drum. We provide scanning and separation for limited addition prints, random separations, high resolution digital files and low resolution placement files.

Gang scans are priced based on final size plus $10.00 per original in addition to the first. (e.g. 10 35mm slides scanned on the Scitex 342L to a 10" x 12" gang would be $145.00 ).

Several different proofing options are available from Graphic Color. We provide conventional film based proofs such as 3m MatchPrint, Contact Print, and Blueline. In addition to conventional proofs we offer digital proofing on our digital press. For Digital proofs see "Digital Printing".

Proof prices are based on customer provided printer postscript. Native application files are subject to a "postscript file preparation" charge. Conventional proofs such as 3m Matchprint 3, Contact Print (Velox) and Blueline require "Film Output". Digital proofs are not subject to a "postscript file preparation" charge.

Graphic Color has been providing digital printing since November of 1996. Our Splash / Docucolor 12 replaced our original Scitex Spontane in April 2000. The Splash / Docucolor 12 on-demand printing system will output your digital files onto your choice of paper stock. No film, no plates – no delay. Instead, high quality, affordable and fast. Download Digital Printing pdf price guide.

Graphic Color is proud to offer the highest quality short run direct to press printing with our Heidelberg Quickmaster DI Pro. The Quickmaster DI Pro delivers the quality advantages of direct to plate and conventional ink printing and the speed advantages of direct to press. Download Heidelberg pdf price guide.

Because of incompatibilities with some PC print drivers a small additional charge may be required for imposition of customer provided PC printer postscript (.prn) files. Trapping of 4 color process jobs is done at no additional charge.


Postscript file preparation includes but is not limited to loading necessary fonts and linked images, correctly formatting page information for the output device and saving printer postscript to disk. Graphic Color encourages its customers to save these charges by providing printer postscript. Graphic Color will provide print drivers, instruction, and support to assist our customers in the generation of printer postscript.

Graphic Color requires a content accurate proof for film, proof, and digital print. Without a content accurate proof Graphic Color accepts no responsibility for the content of the film, proof, or digital print. We assume full responsibility for the quality of all our services.

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